Smart Scale Solutions (SSS)

Development Team: Alicia Butula, José Carlos Quispe, Anni Hülsmann, Nina Tauscher and Simon Wittigschlager

Mentor: Eric Liedtke, former Executive Board member global brands (CMO), Adidas HQ

One-liner: At Smart Scale Solutions, our offer will allow for the seamless integration of zero waste shopping into existing supermarkets: conveniently, attractively and affordably.

Problem statement: Currently, zero waste shopping is inconvenient and only accessed by a small market segment. Why is that?
1. Now, consumers must bring empty jars from home.
2. Once at the store, consumers must manually weigh all jars and write down the weight (g) on the jar.

This process is time-consuming and inconvenient! We know that this manual process creates mental and time barriers and limits the growth of zero waste shopping.

Draft solution: Our solution is currently a digital scale mounted on tracks directly below the food dispensers. The slide’s digital scale will guide the consumer through the purchasing process in four steps: SLIDE, PLACE, FILL, PRINT!