Smart Greens

Development Team: Frederik Grob, Benjamin Hackenberg, Martin Knöfel and Annette Schwarz

Mentor: Steffen Engelhardt, Innovation Manager, Paessler AG

One-liner: With the help of our technology, trees tell their cities when they need water.

Problem statement: The weather is becoming more extreme and especially in summer a heat record is chasing the next drought record. In Germany and all over the world cities are fighting against the dying of urban trees. Especially young trees have no chance to develop enough roots to supply themselves with water. In order to help especially these trees, city employees or commissioned companies are on their way to irrigate them.

Draft solution: We want to optimize urban tree irrigation by determining remotely, which tree needs to be watered. For this we developed a new type of sensor that can measure the soil moisture in the ground. By using modern technology, the operation of such a sensor is so energy efficient and cost-effective that we can equip every young tree in a city with it and use it for 5 years without maintenance.

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