Development Team: Alex Berger, Jonathan Packroff, Johannes Schön, Jakob Uttenthaler and Sarah Wagner

Mentor: Claus Göbel, Head of Trade, authorized signatory, Erlangen Stadtwerke & Thomas Lehfeld, Commercial Division Manager, authorized signatory, Erlangen Stadtwerke

One-liner: With shiftee we are developing a service for a switch to electricity suppliers that really contribute to energy transition which includes an automated and continuous tariff optimizer.

Problem statement: Climate tipping points are in sight on the horizon and there is not much time left to stop climate change and global warming. In Germany, energy transition is needed to prevent the climate crisis since the energy sector contributes 40 % of all carbon emissions. The German energy market is complex and not transparent. Conventional electricity producers, therefore, are able to legally sell conventional electricity based on fossil fuels as “Ökostrom”/Eco-Electricity.

Draft solution: shiftee provides a transparent, automated, and continuous change of electricity contracts. Our online service ensures a change to electricity suppliers that a) really produce 100% of their electricity with renewable technology and b) oblige themselves to expand their renewable energy production plants with a fixed quota per kWh produced.