Development Team: Patrick Höfner, Klaus Schmidt, Ulla Sternemann, Insa Suchantke.

Mentor: Olaf Weiner, Chief Business Officer at Portabiles Healthcare Technologies GmbH

One-liner: PalliCare aims to innovate home-based palliative care by providing a system that collects and analyses relevant data and makes it available to caregivers so that more patients can stay and be cared for at home.

Problem statement: The need for palliative care is increasing due to aging population. Nowadays, palliative care is mainly provided as in-patient care due to the high demands on the scope of care. However, the patient’s personal responsibility and self-determination suffer from this, whereby these attributes can effectively contribute to a higher quality of life.

Draft solution: We want to develop a system, which is able to continuously monitor the health state of palliative patients staying in their home environment, analyze and evaluate their health state based on the acquired data, and transmit this information to ambulatory care teams and next of kins.

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