Development Team: Anna Bondar, Jonas Busch, Maximilian Horoba and Timon Sengewald

Mentor: Martin Pinhack,  Global Director Digital Strategy & Transformation, Microsoft

One-liner: FinEazy offers a financial service that enables its users to track, manage and improve all their finances completely digitally with an integrated Digital Advisor – and furthermore challenges the role of the physical financial consultant.

Problem statement: The majority of users in Germany do not have a complete overview of their own financial situation. Moreover, there is a lack of financial education among the population to understand certain aspects of financial planning. As a result, clients of financial advisors often cannot understand the full impact of the investment decision on their financial situation.

Draft solution: We develop a financial service that enables its users to manage their finances completely digitally and offers them a holistic overview of their current financial situation. Based on this, users can be given personalized recommendations to improve their situation.