Development Team: Mithun Bharadwaj, Kira Brüggemeier, Ezgi Erentürk and Daria Iajgunovici

Mentor: Martin Pinhack,  Global Director Digital Strategy & Transformation, Microsoft

One-liner: In the times of a highly competitive job market, Finalaize is providing a 3-step automated checking process of application documents and video analysis based on AI to improve applications and job interview skills.

Problem statement: In times of data driven recruiting, companies are using so called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to parse CVs and Cover Letter. These systems set criteria and filter data from the applicant before actual recruiters have a look at it. We want to equalize the chance for applicants, so every application document checked with Finalaize will get the chance to be reviewed by the recruiter.

Draft solution: Our solution will help the applicant to improve his/her application documents to pass the ATS and to demonstrate the cultural fit. Our three-sided checking process includes a general check of formatting and language, adaptation of job application documents to the respective job offering, and controlling of the cultural fitness of cover letters. We would also like to include the video analysis, that will help applicants to train for their HR interviews.