Development Team: Arash Bagherzadehyazdi and Juan Carlos Suarez

Mentor: Olaf Weiner, Chief Business Officer at Portabiles Healthcare Technologies GmbH

One-liner: Why pay so much money for a digital stethoscope, when you can turn your analog into a digital one.

Problem statement: Analog stethoscopes, being the most used ones by physicians, don’t allow to record, save and share the sounds originating from body.

Draft solution: our solution consists of an add-on module that can be adhered to any conventional analogue stethoscope. Consequently, providing the following three advantages:

1. Being able to share the recording with other physicians for further opinions or for educational purposes.

2. Further processing of the recording to identify pathologies could be done with Machine learning.

3. Allows to compare the improvement of the health status in regard to previous recordings.

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