COSY – Smart Coworking Systems

Development Team: Luca Abel, Stefan Buchner, Lea Henrich, Max Herchet, David Wagner and Jan Zentgraf

Mentor: Harald Hubert, Startup-Coach & Ökosystem Developer bei BayStartUP

One-liner: COSY offers an intelligently designed shelving system for your workspace, where our combination of hardware and software takes the organisation of materials off your hands, making it easier to share items.

Problem statement: Both small and large companies need a uniform system for goods management and material
planning because without a central system, chaos results and materials and tools cannot be found. In addition, an inventory is always very costly and time-consuming, resulting in productivity losses.

Draft solution: COSY solves these problems with an intelligent warehouse management and material booking system. Great advantages are a central administration and organization of materials and machines, a good and fast work planning, and a safe material handling.

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