Development Team: Paulus Guter, Julian Neureuther, Franziska Niebler, Emanuel Sizmann and Vaishnavi Umesh

Mentor: Johann Hermann, COO bei Nano Interactive

One-liner: Our vision is to enable local farmers to offer high sales through our online platform and flexible local shopping for users.

Problem statement: Online grocery shopping requires the customer to be at home and receive the groceries which would need intensive packaging and often require cooling systems. The demand for online grocery shopping is steadily increasing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online grocery shopping also got a broader acceptance in population.

Draft solution: Developing a smart, safe and reusable delivery box with integrated cooling, which can be transported by established last-mile logistic companies like DHL. The optimal amount of coolant is calculated by an artificial intelligence taking into account various parameters such as shipping time, food contained and storage time.