Development Team: Sebastian Fey, Lucia Grom-Baumgarten, Peter Schopf and Felix Winterhalter

Mentor: Timo Schusser, CEO of valvisio group & valvisio international. Sister company The Next Unicorn Ventures

One-liner: arlife is developing an Augmented Reality platform for trade fairs, on which all exhibitors can showcase their AR content and have visitors explore it with their own mobile devices to increase engagement and interaction.

Problem statement: For trade fair exhibitors there is a high cost pressure at events: stand prices, logistics and the construction of exhibits are very expensive and usually not all product variants can be exhibited at trade fairs. This problem is currently being exacerbated by Corona: In customer interviews we found out that exhibitors are currently trying to develop hybrid trade fair concepts in which they only exhibit some of the products in physical and the rest in digital form at the trade fair.

Draft solution: arlife develops an exhibitor-independent platform for AR exhibitions, on which all exhibitors can place their AR content. We make the creation of AR easy: exhibitors get a tool too easily create their own AR experiences so they are no longer dependent on external agencies.

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